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Sirens and Seraphim’s team consist of Mel and Celeste, and surprise guests sometimes. (maybe, our hollywood agent isn’t responding right now.)

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry combined, not only do we provide quality service but we bring it all to your doorstep with a smile, a hoot and a laugh.

We believe that everybody is beautiful, but sometimes you just need a little helping hand to feel confident in your own skin. This is where we come in: we listen, we consult, we discuss and we care about you. We will work with you to build your confidence and assist you in achieving your own personal style. We are fun loving and very colourful (have you noticed our hair colour?), but when it comes to your beautiful face and hair, we are dedicated and serious about our work.

A little bit more about…

Mel is a bit of a beauty magician. She is skilled and highly qualified in hairstyling, beauty therapy, makeup, bodypainting, and more. You name it, she can probably do it! (Except cooking, she’s pretty average at that. She can paint your kitchen tho.) She is also a hairdresser so if your hair needs some serious love, then she can show you (or your hair) some love.

Celeste can cook. (Mel says: really well! I eat quite regularly at her house.) While Celeste can definitely cook, she is also a makeup master with a passion to match. With lightning quick and skillful fingers (which are the result of many years of piano playing), she will not only be able to play you beautiful music (piano not included in your makeup booking), but also have you looking like a goddess in minutes.


As you can probably tell, we love a good joke (and a good photobooth). So get in touch with us today whether it be for an enquiry, a quote or just to share a joke, we welcome it all and look forward to hearing from you. Our contact page can be found here.

Mel’s photo courtesy of the amazing Mariana Matos
Celeste’s photo courtesy of her selfie skills.

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Love our work and want to get in touch with us?

Feel free to either email us at Hello@sirensandseraphim.com

We will respond to all emails within 48 hours, Monday – Friday.

We welcome all questions, the more the merrier!

So get in touch today!


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